How to register on the Bulletin Board

Frontpage [1280x768]
Above is the page we all see when first going to the Bulletin board
If you have already registered, you simply fill in the user name and password.
If you are about to register as a user, then click on the word Register, either in the top right area of the page, or bottom left.
It will take you to the following page

Page2terms [1280x768]
This is a page that asks you to agree to not use any slanderous or abusive comments or images. It is written  by the program designers, and it needs to be agreed to, or the new registration will not proceed.

Page3submit [1280x768]
The next page to open is where you supply a username and password and an email address that can be used for this family group.  Your password needs to be at least 6 characters or letters (remember to write your username and password somewhere so that you can remember it). You can also choose a language and a time zone. It also uses a “Captcha code”. That’s the box near the bottom that has letters that are hard to read. It is used to make it hard for the spammers to get access to our site.
You have to decipher those letters and type them into the small text box beneath it as I have shown.
The example shown reads as 92m1qp. Upper or lower case is not important when typing this.
If you find it difficult to read that combination of colours, press the button alongside that says “REFRESH CONFIRMATION CODE” until you see something that you can read.
If successful you will see the page below, or you might be asked to re-enter the confirmation code if you got it wrong.

Page4success [1280x768]

That’s it.  It is that simple. You can now log in using your username and password.

UserControlPanelP1 [1280x768]

When you have logged in, you will see in the top left area of the page, the words “USER CONTROL PANEL”. Click there to make adjustments to how you can use the bulletin board. Don’t be afraid to look around to see what is in each tab. You won’t break anything.

UserControlPanelP2Signature [1280x768]
Click on the Profile tab, and highlight the Signature at left, and you can add in some text that will be inserted at the end of every post that you make. I have put my relationship to James Caldwell (the immigrant). Maybe it will help us to identify as groups. It is your choice, of course.

UserControlPanelAvatar [1280x768]
Highlight the “Edit Avatar” to insert a picture of yourself or whatever you like. Be aware of the size restriction.
Contact me to help if needed

There are other preference that you can insert if you are a bit savvy with it all.
Contact the administrator (me) at if you need help.
You are now fully able to post your comments or info, though it may take a day or so for a moderator to approve your post. sorry about the delay, but spammers can put unwanted material up unless we moderate it a bit.
If you are replying to somebody else’s comment, or have more information about that topic, post by using the reply button, rather than creating a new topic.
Navigation around the site is fairly easy. The backspace on your keyboard is useful, as is the top left corner of the page.
Have fun!!

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