Reunion of 2013

Bob and LeahHi

I’m Bob (and Leah – she wasn’t able to be in Edithburgh).

I want to say how enjoyable the reunion in SA was. Congratulations to the organisers. Let’s do it again sometime.

We spoke of having a web page to share our knowledge and continue friendships.

Well, here is the first offering. Still having uncertainties about how much information to have on these pages. We’ll probably password protect the initial entry, and have a couple of moderators to oversee the site.

The site is split into 2 parts. This part is a WordPress site that allows the plugin to display Gedcom’s and a type of family tree. There are controls on it that allow the administrator to restrict the names listed. At the moment, I picked out a few names from the 19th century or before, and instructed the program not to show names of people that are still living, or have a birth date of less than 100 years ago. (Anyone still in that mix? 🙂 ). You can see the family tree displayed at the “person index” link seen on this page (or click on Then click on the link number on right-hand side to open up the tree part. I haven’t spent much time on yet, so that’s just a taste of it.

I have also added a forum to allow discussion threads. See and register as a user. I hope you find it simple.

Suggestions are welcome, but bear in mind I don’t have a lot of spare time. Contact me if you would like to help out as a moderator or administrator.

4 thoughts on “Reunion of 2013

  1. Perhaps I should have put the name Robert Stanley David Caldwell, as Stanley was my father and David was Stanley’s Father and, of course Robert (MP) was David’s father.

    It’s all good fun and worth following, in the lead-up to the next reunion.
    Well done Bob.

  2. Bob – well done, I think what you have done is just what we all need!! I will be a regular viewer and hopefully, subscriber!
    All relations over here are excited about an” Oliver “reunion in Sept. 2015 – keep it in mind everyone. W.A. is the Wildflower State and Sept. is the best month to see them. Helen Bignell.

    1. Wow, that’s something to look forward to.
      Thanks Helen
      I’ll put that on the Bulletin discussion site, and hope it can be used as a discussion/resource for organisers and attendees
      That’s where we can create a community if we all register……..

  3. This is wonderful, Bob. Thanks so much for your time and expertise in setting this up for us. I’ll certainly be passing on details of the site to those Caldwells who contacted me before our October Reunion and who’d like to keep in touch. Helen, we’ll certainly keep the Sept 2015 Oliver Reunion in mind. Our father was very fond of his Uncle Oliver and family, and we’ve enjoyed continuing that relationship with you all over there.

    Cheers everyone!

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